About The Show

Host:  Mark Allen

Location:  Pensacola, Florida

About the Show:  It is a weekly podcast that can be ridiculous one moment and deadly serious the next. It is often driven by that week’s events or things that may have happened in my life. I take a fresh look at what’s happening in the world and what caught my eye that you might’ve missed. I will give my take on current events, pop culture, news, politics and entertainment. Nothing is sacred and no punches will be pulled.

About Me:  I’m a Blogger, Writer, Photographer, Freelance Photojournalist and of course, a Podcaster. In the past I’ve been a Swimwear Photographer (yeah really!), Pharmaceutical Sales Rep and Online Poker Player (before it was banned in the U.S.). I’ve traveled to Costa Rica, Colombia, Nicaragua, Italy, Switzerland and the Bahamas. I’m a certified Scuba Diver and tech enthusiast.